Alison Roman for BBB & The Kitchn

I started out this whole photography thing by documenting folks in their home kitchens, and I still love it. I got to do it twice with Alison Roman, last year for Bed Bath & Beyond and this year for The Kitchn. Alison is an incredible professional cook who sometimes eats popcorn for dinner and uses seafood as self-care. My kind of person.

Alison said this is one of her favorite photos of herself. That's what I aim for, guys!

Alison said this is one of her favorite photos of herself. That's what I aim for, guys!


Shake Shack!

I loooove Shake Shack. It's the best burger out there, hands down. It is the perfect size, the perfect ratio of bun to burger to cheese to lettuce, tomato and of course, that crack sauce! You better believe I was excited when they called. I've had the privilege of working with their design team for over a year, photographing in-store collateral and other content. The designers there are some of the nicest, hardest-working people I have ever met. Below are some of the fun images we created over the past year, styled and designed by the talented team at Shake Shack. Thank you Cathie, Michelle, Kearney, Marybeth, Eugene, and Mark!

Side story: Once I paid $150 for a ShackBurger. Tocha and I had an intense craving one day. We got in the car and drove to the nearest Shack. We roll easily into a parking spot, which is nearly impossible to do in downtown Brooklyn. We rejoice, happily eat our burgers and fries (so. good.), and walk hand in hand back to our car...only to find that horrible orange piece of paper on our windshield. A parking ticket for $150. Our desire for Shake Shack had blinded us to the NO PARKING signs. So that was the most expensive, delicious burger ever. C'est la vie.

Neighborhood BK for Delicious Magazine

I was invited to photograph the launch of Hetty McKinnon and Jodi Moreno's new community cooking space, Neighborhood Studio in Brooklyn for the April 2018 issue of Delicious Magazine. The place is infused with the lovely energy of these two ladies, and Sophie Tatlow's incredible design beautified the event. And the food, of course, was delicious! I highly recommend the cauliflower as a dazzling main course. Recipes are included in the article.